Ode to an Author: Agatha Christie

Mad Martha would like her blogging debut to be the commencement of a series of poems entitled “Ode to an Author”.  Today’s subject will be the late, great Agatha Christie.

Agatha Christie!

My eyes go misty

At your talent for myst’ry,

With plots so deep and twisty.

In all recorded hist’ry I’ve never loved so blissf’lly!

Your books will out-exist me!                                          

 When I am old and whisk’ry

My hands all gnarled and blist’ry,

I’ll think of you so whistf’lly:

and how I NEVER, EVER, EVER pick the killer.


How do you do it woman??!

It’s very frustrating.

2 thoughts on “Ode to an Author: Agatha Christie

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