Daisy award: will wonders never cease?

It is with much blushing and “aw shucks’es” that I announce my receipt of a Daisy award, from the delightful and mysterious Lily  Wight of http://lilywight.com/.  Curious as to the origins of this award, I completed some research and discovered the creator of the “Daisy” is one Subtlekate, and you can read of the origins of this award here: http://subtlekate.wordpress.com/2012/06/28/thursday-is-award-day/

In accordance with the rules of this bestowal, I present to you seven interesting facts about my humble self:

1.  Up until this morning I was unaware that blog awards existed.

2. It appears that I thrive on positive feedback and the receipt of awards (expected or otherwise)

3. The last gargoyle in my ancestry to have received an award of such eminence was my great-great-uncle Martin, who was awarded the Order of the Marble Bookend for his contribution to treaty negotiations between Shelf Gargoyles and Paper-Eating Insects.

4. I have yet to find an anti-aging cream that works on stone flesh.

5.  Contrary to gargoyle social expectations, I am quite interested in maintaining my level of physical fitness.  To this end I pratice a strict routine of calisthenics every morning.

6. I am remarkable poor at the game of “pick-up-sticks”.

7.  I am remarkably able at maintaining an effective poker face.

The rules of this bestowal also require me to nominate other worthy bloggers for attaining similar heights of daisy-ness.  I, as a newish blogger, have taken the executive decision to postpone this duty pending further research in the blogverse.  To that end, I will present a new post at a later date announcing my nominations.

Again, many thanks to Lily Wight for this honour – it is quite difficult to make a gargoyle blush, but you have achieved this today.

Until next time,


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