Readers Represen’: Tees for lovers of literacy…

As a gargoyle, I have little need for clothing and while this has its advantages, it also means that I cannot outwardly express my likes and interests through fashion.  You can though. So here are some of my favourite book-related tees…laybuy now for Christmas!  You can find the links for where to purchase these tees at the end of this post!

Tantalised by Tolkein?  You don’t have to go to Mt Doom and back for these, precious! Wild about Harry? These might be right up your (Diagon) Alley! Hungry for the Hunger Games? These might make a nice tribute!  Want something a little less…commercial?  Here are some tees that are sure to gain you looks of obscurity and the occasional appreciative glance indicating that someone else gets the reference…

So, my fleshling friends, now you have no excuse not to cover your fleshy hides with fashionable attire, while also promoting the wonders of reading.

Until next time,


Find these tees here:

The Prancing Pony:

The Green Door:

Baggins Family Jewellers:

I Just Nevilled Up:

Join Dumbledore’s Army:

A Seeker’s Quest:

District 12 Fightin’ Jays:


Farewell District 12:

Where the Wild Adventures Are:


Tollbooth Adventures:

Sherlock is my Holmesboy:

Elect Zaphod Beeblebrox:

3 thoughts on “Readers Represen’: Tees for lovers of literacy…

    • I agree! I wish I had the talent to create them myself…then I would be the richest gargoyle in the world, and ALL would bow to my reign of terror! MUUUUHHHUUUHUUHUUHAHAHAHHAAHAAAAAAA! *cough* Sorry, got away from myself for a moment there….


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