Therapy DIY: Suggestions for Mental Health Week

Happy Mental Health Week! Yes, I agree, it is a  bit optimistic for the great “them out there” to expect you humans to be mentally healthy for a whole week, but in the spirit of gargoyle-fleshling relations, I will do my darndest to assist.  To that end, I have uncovered some no doubt highly useful little tools to aid you in the pursuit of that flighty temptress, sanity.

Firstly, the Do-It-Yourself Therapy Book should provide hours of fun for those who acknowledge that they are decidedly left of centre.  The blurb promises “punch-out Rorschach Ink-Blot-from-Hell diagnostic cards, fill-in-the-blank therapy sessions with your personalized paper-doll analyst, bathroom vanity disguise kit featuring cover-up labels for your prescription meds, and the insanely accurate Neurosis Bingo”.  I feel certain that even if you deny the need for such a handy tome yourself, you can surely think of at least one person of your immediate acquaintance for whom this would make a useful, not to mention thoughtful, gift!

Next, astound your friends and confuse your enemies with the Redstone Inkblot Test!  Usethe handy inkblots and interpretation guide to reveal the most intimate psychological failings of those close to you.  You could even host a fun and funky blackmail party using the information you have gleaned from this useful kit.   Dressing in theme optional.

  Finally, for those of you who feel like there could be some more room in your life for a few characterful quirks, there is The Paranoid’s Pocket Guide to Mental Disorders You Can Just Feel Coming On.  Like a DSM-IV for the lay person, this one lists plenty of fascinating little twinges that will set you apart from the common herd.  I recommend this one as a dinner party conversation starter….as in “So Barry, I’ve noticed over the course of the evening that you have displayed several symptoms of Athazagagoraphobia….”.  Let the good times roll!

All of these books are availalbe at the good old

***Please note that the Bookshelf Gargoyle is in no way, shape or form a mental health professional, nor does he retain any qualifications in the field of mental health.  He is, in fact, a shelf ornament.  His suggestions are meant in fun and do not constitute health advice****

Until we meet again, may all your days be mentally healthy,



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