Mad Martha’s Haiku Review: Jon Klassen’s Classics

Mad Martha here…while reflecting on my Odes to Authors, a brilliant idea flashed through my head. A stupendous, marvellous idea that hurled itself out from the depths of my brain, begging to find audience! A Haiku Review….a book review in seventeen syllables! Inconceivable! Flushed with the anticipation of my wondrous invention, I slipped to the keyboard to let my unique idea find voice….only to find that others – nay, multitudes of others – had already had this idea. Swathes of blogs and websites make it their business to peddle this idea from moment to moment.  I was not as unique as I thought.

Yet I would not allow my spirit to be crushed!

And so I present to you a haiku review of Jon Klassen’s modern classics: I Want My Hat Back and This is Not My Hat.

Sweet retribution

for crimes against millinery.

Justice has been served.

14 thoughts on “Mad Martha’s Haiku Review: Jon Klassen’s Classics

    • You could always borrow it from the library! I must admit, neither of them have found a permanent home on my shelf yet, but they are easily in my top ten favourite picture books of all time.


  1. The internet makes us all little fish in a big pond, with little ability to feel unique. There’s always someone else who has done everything. I’m glad you didn’t let it stop you from writing your review in haiku.


  2. Why I believe you have found your voice. Your voice is quite distinct and a joy to read. I can hear your voice in my ear while reading your haiku. I love your picture also, I just hate to see you so sad.

    I am visiting you from the Kid Lit Hop. I am a co-hostess. I hope knowing we are connecting through the hop will cheer you up. I have not seen you at my site for a while. I guess it is because you look so sad. Rhythm stops by and I thought you and he were a pair. My mistake. Well, please get happy.


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