Read it if…..: Charlotte Markham and the House of Darkling

Today I’m bringing to you some good reasons to pick up Michael Boccacino’s first effort (and a pretty darn impressive effort it is!) at a full length novel, Charlotte Markham and the House of Darkling.  It is a delightfully different hybrid of ghost story, science fiction and Victoran gothic, but comes together in a very satisfying and spooky fashion.

Read it if…..

* you like books authored by people whose name resembles a tasty foodstuff (in this case cheese, but really, it could be any foodstuff)

* you have ever had a dream about a lost loved one and wished that it (a) could go on a bit longer or (b) make some sense

*you enjoy a spooky, traditional ghost story that seamlessly integrates creatures that could have escaped from HP Lovecraft’s imagination

*you enjoy stories in which Death appears as a cheerful and amiable chap

*you’re a sucker for a plucky young governess who is drawn into events beyond her wildest imaginings and somehow finds the strength within herself to fight back

This is a great little read – I finished it in just a few sittings and was drawn in from the very first page.  Boccacino delivers some startlingly good prose here and I’ll be keeping my eyes out for any further efforts on his part.  So do yourself a favour and wrap your suckered tentacles around Charlottel Markham and her quirky, creepy, deadly adventures.

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5 thoughts on “Read it if…..: Charlotte Markham and the House of Darkling

  1. Charlotte sounds a little like a Nancy Drew type. I don’t usually go for scary books, but this one sounds kind of cute scary so maybe we’ll try it. Boccacino is something to eat? Sounds like something my buddy Walker might eat.


    • I’d have to say that this is certainly a big people’s book…it’s pitched more at an adult audience in tone, although two children are some of the main characters. But yes, I was thinking along the lines of Boccacino sounding like Bocconcini cheese. You might not expect a stone creature to be a cheese fan, but I have hidden talents.


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