Introducing….the GARGIE AWARDS!

Greetings all! To celebrate my musings attaining 50 followers, I have decided on a new theme, and more importantly, to recognise my fellow bloggers for services rendered to the blogosphere and beyond.  To that end today marks the first ever round of conferrals of the GARGIE AWARD!

Allow me to explain.  In gargoyledom, the most prestigious award that can be attained is known as the Order of the Stony Groove and is conferred upon deserving gargoyles who have served the greater population in a particular field.  After applying to the High Council for matters relating to gargoyle-fleshling relations, I am happy to say I have been approved as an official bearer of a modified version of the award…henceforth known as the GARGIE!

The obligations attached to the Gargie Award are as follows:

1. Display the award badge prominently  on your site….if you want.

2. Publish a post to inform the world of your great achievement…..unless you can’t be bothered.

3. Nominate some fellow bloggers (who have been outstanding in their field…figuratively or literally) and tell us the particular way in which they have excelled….if you feel inclined.

4. Indicate to your nominees that they have received the award….provided you have completed step three.

Without further ado, the inaugral recipients of the Order of the Stony Groove (Fleshling Category), otherwise known as the Gargie Award are:

READING WITH RHYTHM for services to canine-fleshling literacy development

1001 CHILDREN’S BOOKS for services to me personally (in terms of book recommendations!) and to fleshlings opposed to aging.

FANTASTIC BOOK BLOG for services to unmissable book covers that would otherwise never again have seen the light of day.

BOOK TO THE FUTURE for services to non-pervy introverts with internet access and an interest in books

Congratulations my pretties!  Your hard work has been recognised by gargoyle kind.

I will continue to confer awards as I see fit, possibly on a semi-regular basis, if I remember.

Until next time,


13 thoughts on “Introducing….the GARGIE AWARDS!

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  3. Wow – thank you! I am flattered no end and I too will get a post up about this very shortly. This is just the kind of stuff that inspires me to continue on with the fantasticbookblog. Thanks again gargoylebruce!


  4. Hi there … a great award – and i have just been nominated for it, so I have a question. Most awards are memes and can be placed on the sidebar with a widget. How can I do this with your Gargie award?
    and I also see you have been awarded the Liebster award, as I have too, so again, can you please help me put it into a sidebar? Only the person who gave them to me doesn’t know herself how to do this. I would really be most grateful 🙂


    • Well, congratulations on such a prestigious achievement! Hmm. I see your problem. All I did for the Liebster image (being not greatly talented in the area of IT) was save it as an image and then add it as an image in my widgets menu. I haven’t even linked it to anything :/ Although I did the same with the Daisy and linked that back to the page explaining its origins….
      You are most welcome to save the Gargie award image and do the same…in the meantime, I will research ways of making it easier to pop into the sidebar, and I’ll get back to you if I have any success.
      Congrats again! 😀


      • Thanks – yes I finally worked out that if you save it as a jpg and then by copying and pasting the url into a image on the sidebar, I can make these memes appear… which is now great news. Thanks for creating this award! I have awarded to some great people in return.


    • Right then! After much faffing about and being confused, I have finally hit the jackpot (I think!). I have now inserted a Grab my Button widget on my sidebar (from in case you’re interested). To get the award badge in your sidebar just copy and paste the code in the box into a “Text” widget in you dashboard….hopefully all should then work. If it doesn’t, it is beyond my capabilities at present…:(


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