Haiku Review: And Then There Were None…

Good afternoon all, Mad Martha with you once again! Before I start, may I congratulate the winners of the inaugral Gargie Awards – bravo to you all!

Today I have chosen to review one of my personal favourites, Agatha Christie’s little ripper And Then There Were None.  Regular followers of this blog will know that I am a huge fan of Ms Christie – indeed, she was the subject of my very first Ode to an Author.  This charming little title follows the woes of ten seemingly unconnected people who are all invited to an island party – but to what end? I think you can probably guess!  If you haven’t got around to this particular title yet, it should definitely be the next Christie you pick up.  So here, my dears, is my haiku review:

You know your invite

to that mystery party?

Wash your hair instead.

Yours in poetry,

Mad Martha

2 thoughts on “Haiku Review: And Then There Were None…

  1. It is a lovely picturesque blog you have here Bruce. 🙂

    One of my all time favorite Agatha Christie novels! And just like you, I also am a high-time Agatha Christie fan. I recently finished reading Death on the Nile and loved it immensely.

    I thank StetotheJ for showing the way to your blog. I enjoyed visiting here and reading your posts. 🙂



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