Haiku Review: Banana!

Greetings readers, Mad Martha here with another Haiku Review! Today, I delve into the colourful, dynamic world of Ed Vere and his two-word masterpiece Banana!  This is one of our absolute favourite picture books…and unfortutely, our copy is currently missing. I’m not blaming Bruce…just because it is his job to guard the shelf…but the fact remains that this important tome is not in its allocated place.  If any of you know where it might be, please let us know, for while Bruce puts on a brave face, those of us who know him well understand that on the inside he is pining, warring with complex emotions of loss and grief, like a book-shepherd missing his favourite book-sheep…..

But back to Haiku:

Titanic struggle

over simian treasure.

The victor? Manners.

Until next time readers, keep your eyes (and bananas!) peeled for that book!

Mad Martha

7 thoughts on “Haiku Review: Banana!

  1. Do gargoyles eat books about fruit? Just a simple question, I would never imply anything. I hope you find the book, where ever it is. Interesting review. So glad manners ruled out. From Kid LIt Blog Hop #6


  2. Lovely review! Good luck finding the treasured copy. BTW, did you know it’s snowing on your screen? Just asking… Thanks for linking into the Kid Lit Blog Hop once again. 🙂


  3. Haikus are a wonderful way to keep your brain sharp! Maybe it’ll get so sharp that it’ll remember where the book is! At the least, don’t forget to link up to our next Kid Lit Blog Hop. I would miss you!


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