Accolades aplenty: Gargie Awards Round 2…

Happy Gargoyle New Year!!!! Yes, it’s finally arrived! Gargoyle New Year is an exciting time in the shelf-verse, requiring the drinking of fermented stone beverages and the wearing of party hats and the blowing of festive party kazoos and such.  Traditionally in Gargoyle culture, the new year is the perfect time for telling people what you really think of them.  While this tradition was developed with the intention of strengthening bonds of friendship for the coming year, it has nevertheless been the cause of more than a few fatal clawings and bites that later turned septic.  You’ll be pleased to know however, that I intend to engage with this tradition in the spirit in which it was intended by presenting some deserving blogs with that accolade of accolades….the GARGIE!

Official Gargie Award Badge

Official Gargie Award Badge

For those unfamilar with this prestigious award, you can find the origins explained hereSuffice to say, it is an award that honours those bloggers who have provided outstanding services in their particular fields…..and without further ado, the winners of the second round of awards are:

The Other Courtney….for services to those struggling against odd and/or inconvenient adversities!

Bookwitch…..for services to readers, particulary in the area of allowing readers to connect with their favourite authors through the magic of the interview!

The Angry Pear….for services rendered in furthering the cause of pear culture in society!

Bibliophilesisters…for services to the world of young people’s fiction, particularly in the area of making reading cool! (Yes, I know there was no possible way that I could write that sentence without making it sound blatantly uncool….)

and last but not least….

Amelie’s Bookshelf….for services to the promotion of children’s literacy and stay-at-home-parenting, and reading to kids! (But mainly for reviewing interesting children’s books that I mostly haven’t come across yet…)


The requirements for accepting this award are in no way onerous and there is no pressure to do anything with it except bask in a warm glow of love and acceptance from the Gargoyle community….Congratulations!

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