Read it if: The Name of the Star…..

I just love it when I pick up a book after a single recommendation from a fellow blogger, and not only does that book turn out to be just the kind of thing I love to read, but the first in a series. That sort of thing really makes my stony countenance stretch with joy… *insert image of Bruce grinning forcefully here*….  The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson is just such a book.

I have mentioned previously that I am a great fan of Ben Aaronovitch’s series about magic-wielding coppers in London, and this book seems to be following a very similar premise, except that it is aimed at fans of Young Adult fiction.  Essentially, main character Rory arrives in London from Louisiana to complete her final year of high school (sixth form for those in the know) at the same time as an apparent Jack the Ripper copycat killer unleashes the first gory murder in what turns out to be a historically-fairly-accurate-spree.  In an entirely separate event, Rory suffers a near-death experience, causing her to develop the ability to see ghosts.  These two happenings end up being connected in a very entertaining fashion, but I refuse to give any more spoilers.

name of the star

Read it if:

* you enjoy boarding school stories, ghost stories, murder mysteries, historical fiction, police stories, tales about famous killers, or any combination of the categories aforementioned

*you like books that can be read stand-alone, but are also part of a series

* you have ever taken an excessively large bite of an appetising dinner at a social gathering, and then immediately wished you hadn’t

*you like young adult fiction where the main character is perfectly ordinary and likeable, as opposed to riddled with angst, labouring under a ridiculously overblown attitude problem, carrying surprising amounts of emotional baggage for someone of tender years or a vampire

I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and will be getting my greasy paws on the next in the series, The Madness Underneath, as soon as the paper-pushing gargoyles in the finance department approve my loan application for essential reading material.

Until next time,



4 thoughts on “Read it if: The Name of the Star…..

  1. Your bullet about what the main character is not would be reason enough to buy it! Too many angsty 30- somethings projecting onto their adolescent protagonists these days….


  2. Glad you decided to take my recommendation. I have two of Ben Aaronovitch’s books in my to-read cache. We have the sequel to The Name of the Star at the library where I work and the kids and already anxious to read it.


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