Bruce’s Lucky Dip: Kickin’ Knitting….

Given the interest in my serendipitous search for slightly unexpected colouring books, I have decided to share the booty of my book-hunting jaunts  on a semi-regular basis…I will title these shared adventures “Bruce’s Lucky Dip” and feature a different search term and its resulting weirdness each time.

To kick us off, I present to you the weirdness lurking in the simple search term “KNITTING“… 

One may possibly expect a certain amount of blandness and predictability within the ranks of knitters and those who write for them.   Clearly one would be woefully mistaken in this prediction if Sock Innovation: Knitting Techniques and Patterns for One of a Kind Socks is anything to go by. 

sock innovations

I don’t really have a need for socks myself, but I would have thought that since pairing is of utmost importance in sock wearing (unless you happen to be Dobby), Two-of-a-kind socks would be more highly valued.

Looking for something saucier than socks? Then look no further than Knitting Lingerie Style: More Than 30 Basic and Lingerie-inspired Designs…

lingerie knitting

…because nothing says “in the mood” like fleecy merino wool.  Particularly in summer.

Feeling lonely when you come home to an empty dwelling because your landlord/significant other/parent refuses to allow you to have a pet?  Or perhaps your desire for a cuddly animal companion has been thwarted by crippling allergies?  The good folk behind Knit Your Own Dog and Knit Your Own Cat have anticipated your dilemma….unless you are allergic to wool.

knit catThe author has even been kind enough to provide patterns of pedigree animals, allowing you to avoid those awkward silences and sidelong glances that follow the owners of knitted pets of uncertain parentage.

Lacked the funds to visit the UK for the wedding of Wills and Kate? Recreate the pomp and ceremony at home with Knit Your Own Royal Wedding.

knit weddingExtra points if you can faithfully recreate Beatrice’s silly hat.

For fans of knitting, weight loss and the aforementioned sidelong glances, Knitted Fast Food is the tome of choice This title features twenty exciting meals to knit, including hot dogs, cheeseburgers, sushi and fried breakfasts.

knit foodknitted prawns

Reviews seem to indicate that prawns are the popular favourite from this tome. Obviously.

So there you have it. I was pleasantly surprised by the weirdness that resides in the hearts of knitters and I hope you were too.  Please feel free to join in my lucky dip and add your own titles to the list for the benefit of all fanciers of odd reading material.

Until next time,


13 thoughts on “Bruce’s Lucky Dip: Kickin’ Knitting….

  1. My Mom Person is on the edge of that knitting world. she doesn’t consider herself a knitter, but knows a lot of knitters and is constantly amazed by some of the things that they create. We have actually rubbed shoulders with yarn bombers! And we also have a friend who knitted a sweater from her Great Pyrenees’ hair!


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