Haiku Review: Where the Forest Meets the Sea…

Hello my blogging bilbies, it’s Mad Martha with you again after a fairly long absence…if you are wondering where I’ve been, I had to get my hair untangled after an unfortunate incident with one of the house felines.  But I’m back today with a Haiku Review based on one of my favourite ever picture books: Where the Forest Meets the Sea by Jeannie Baker.  This book was first released in 1988 and tells the story of a boy spending time with his grandfather in the timeless and beautiful daintree rainforest in Far North Queensland. Underlying the simple story is the spectre of development and the seemingly neverending threat to areas of natural significance from humans and their progress.

The standout feature of Baker’s books are the illustrations, which she cleverly crafts from clay, paper and found materials, and then photographs for inclusion in picture books.  You can find out more about Baker’s work at www.jeanniebaker.com and below are some of the page spreads from Where the Forest Meets the Sea to give you a teaser if you have not encountered her work before:

Where the Forest meets the Sea 2 forest meets sea 2

So without further ado, here is my haiku review of Jeannie Baker’s highly memorable, and still relevant (unfortunately!) tome, Where the Forest Meets the Sea:

forest meets sea

Ancient world struggles

against the modern era

A losing battle

If you have never encountered Jeannie Baker before, her work is well worth discovering.  Other highly recommended works of hers include wordless picture book Window and its companion book Belonging, and her most recent publication, Mirror.

Farewell for now,

Mad Martha



9 thoughts on “Haiku Review: Where the Forest Meets the Sea…

  1. Oh wow, I have to get this one, for two reasons. My husband grew up i Far North Queensland and actually had a rainforest backing onto his back door, and second, my book is partially set in the Daintree, what a hoot. I have been wanting a book to show my little girl, without having to actually go there ( the heat up there is unbearable lol)

    Thanks for linking it into the Kid Lit blog hop and glad to hear you survived the unfortunate mess with the house felines, lol cheers Julie


  2. Those illustrations are so unique – I haven’t seen anything quite like them before. Although, they do remind me of Barbara Reid’s books, although she only uses clay. Have you seen “The Party”? It’s nice to see you again! Glad you linked into the Kid Lit Blog Hop! 🙂


  3. From Kid Lit Blog Hop
    I discover a jewel.
    Read on in wonder.

    (I love haikus. There are some in my soon-to-be-published fifth book!)


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