Australian Best Blog Awards: Get on it, people!

Attention! I have just entered the 2013 Best Australian Blogs Competition…I nominated myself in case you were wondering. I thought I’d post about this in case any other Australian bloggers who don’t know about this competition would like to enter….preferably in a different category to me…

If you are interested, check out the website here:

Also, there is a People’s Choice component of the awards opening on the 28th of March, so I look forward to pestering you all closer to that date with prompts to vote for your favourite blogging gargoyle.

Until next time,

4 thoughts on “Australian Best Blog Awards: Get on it, people!

    • I only odered it recently when I decided to start my Retro Reading series, hence the reason it looks so new…. I deliberately chose one I hadn’t read as a youngster, but now I’m thinking I might order some of the old favourites and see whether I remember any specific outcomes 😉


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