Read it if: The Shattering…..

Ahoy me hearties! Today’s offering is a little gem of New Zealand’s YA fiction, The Shattering by Karen Healey.  I must say I am developing a soft spot for Kiwi writing…I get a comforting, homely sort of feeling similar to the feeling I get reading Aussie authors, but there’s the added bonus of all the charming little Kiwi quirks that litter the stories. I didn’t realise when I picked up The Shattering that I had already read and enjoyed Karen Healey’s Guardian of the Dead, and both stories share a finely balanced mix of everyday dramas and out of the ordinary magic, or myth, or paranormal phenomena…

The Shattering follows the story of Keri, Janna and Sione, three teens who are linked by the fact that their older brothers were all victims of suicide.  When Sione uncovers some strange statistical patterns while investigating his brother’s situation further, he garners the help of Keri and Janna in an attempt to unravel what appears to be some sinister goings-on relating to young men in the seaside tourist town Summerton.

the shattering

Read it if:

* you’ve ever wished you could live in a place with perfect summer holiday weather….all the time 

* you’ve ever wanted to be part of a (somewhat) merry band of mystery-solving teens

* you enjoy books told from the perspectives of multiple characters

* you suspect that the fact that you have never achieved fame and fortune may in fact be the result of some form of voodoo practiced by jealous detractors

* you enjoy YA fiction that believably melds a bit of magic and mystery with the ordinary troubles and worries of young people

I really enjoyed this book – while some of the plot twists were a little too convenient for my tastes, the characters were well-drawn and the underlying social and personal issues experienced by the characters were believable and sensitively treated.

If you haven’t had experienced the delight of a good New Zealand author, Karen Healey could be the perfect starting point.

Until next time,


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