Bruce’s Lucky Dip: Instructional Guides

Well, it’s come around quickly, but it’s time once again to strap on the lead-lined gloves and plunge our collective paws into the bottomless lucky dip bag that is the Book Depository’s search engine.  Today’s search term: How to….

Quite frankly, the number of DIY/How-to instructional guides out there is astounding (even excluding titles in the “For Dummies” series!) but there are some untapped veins of awesomosity hiding in this oft-plumbed mineshaft.  So cast your eyes over, and enjoy, the following diamonds in the rough (or possibly the rough surrounding the diamonds) in the world of instructional guidebooks… always, click on the image for further details!

For the about-to-be-wed, or newly-wed woman as a gift to her man:

good husband

For the  thoughtful foolhardy husband as a gift to his wife:

good wife

For the asexual or prudish philosopher:

think more about sex

For the committed and forward-thinking parent:

discerning parentsFor the potty-mouthed, or female traveller respectively…or for the potty-mouthed female traveller:

swearing traveller

lady traveller

For that hard-to-buy-for weirdie on your Christmas list:

think like a bat

And my personal favourite:

For the owners of a polytunnel with hitherto unfulfilled potential during specific times of the year (you know who you are):


This is but a small selection of the goodness on offer for those in need of instruction.  Other notables include How to Keep Your Volkswagon Alive for the skint and/or passionate vintage car owner, and How to Teach Quantum Physics to Your Dog, for those with far too much time on their hands. And a willing dog.

Please feel free to share your own discoveries…I feel I have only scratched the surface of this fruitful search term and look forward to hearing of the fruits harvested by others!

Until next time,




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