Bruce’s Lucky Dip: Paper Dolls You Never Played With as a Kid…

It’s lucky dip time again, and have I got some ripping (pun intended) offerings for you today! For those who don’t know, my lucky dip feature involves typing a carefully selected term into the Book Depository’s search box and presenting you with the delightfully weird results.

So, paper dolls. Those favoured playthings of fleshlings fond of fun in two-dimensions. Who would’ve thought that scratching the surface of such an innocuous activity would  uncover a veritable treasure chest of oddity? Well, after the utter strangeness encompassed by the range of colouring books on offer, one probably shouldn’t really be surprised.  But one will be.

For your perusing pleasure, I present to you some of the real gems of paper-related play – click on the covers if your appetite for origami-esque shenanigans is whetted!

For the Buddhist who wants to add “right-dressing” to their list of rules for living:

dalai lama paper dolls


In a similarly religious vein, for the paper-doll enthusiast with a penchant for swift, undetectable revenge:

voodoo paper dolls

For the book enthusiast who really wants to get inside their favourite author’s head…and wardrobe:

literary greats paper dollsI’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I’m only certain of Shakespeare out of that lot…can anyone enlighten me as to who the rest are? Is that Sylvia Plath in the straight jacket? Virginia Woolf? And the bloke on the right looks like a close relation of Colonel Sanders the KFC man, but I’m guessing is somebody more literary minded….

For the pet-lover whose real-life animal friend is averse to wearing cute little outfits:

lucky cats paper dollsFor the man in your life who always liked to play with his sister’s dolls as a little boy:

naughty girls paper dolls

And my personal favourite….***DRUM ROLL PLEASE****…..

For the political enthusiast who wants to recreate famous scandals in their own home:

richard nixon paper dolls

Now before you start scratching your head at the utter surreal-ness of the book immediately above, the BD has a whole range of paper doll books featuring American presidents and their families.  So whatever your political persuasion, there is a paper doll out there for you, voter!

If paper dolls are not your thing, I have also recently discovered two more fantastically different colouring books that I just had to share with you:

For the littlest scholar of feminist philosophy:

girls are not chicks colouring

And for the colouring enthusiast who can’t resist using one of those fancy rainbow pencils:

sometimes the spoon colouring book


So what are you waiting for? Get out there and flex your creative muscle! And be sure to chime in with any other exciting paper-doll or colouring related titles that we need to know about.

Until next time,








18 thoughts on “Bruce’s Lucky Dip: Paper Dolls You Never Played With as a Kid…

  1. I’ve never played with a paper doll before – I’m feeling just a little deprived. But thanks to you I now know where a great selection is lurking on book depository 😛

    PS – the guy on the left of the Literary Greats reminds me of Santa…


  2. I would venture Virginia Woolf because of the hair, the bard of course, Edgar Allan Poe and Mark Twain – oh and the guy with the swordfish, Ernest Hemingway…. A bit biased, no?


  3. These are truly hilarious! “Sometimes a spoon runs away with another spoon” – the ideas that come to people’s minds.. unbelievable.. I will be laughing at these all day long.
    Somehow I’ve found your blog some time ago and bookmarked it for later reading. Now, I’m back to it and I find it vivacious and tremendously enjoyable.


  4. These are strange, the sort of thing that makes me wish I’d been in the meeting when the ideas came up. Can you imagine the conversation selling these concepts? Of course there’s a market for coloring books about disgraced presidents. And parents will love to have their kids color pages that teach children about spiritual practices based on inflicting misery to others with pins! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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