Two Quirky Picture Books: Read-it-aloud-if….

Hey there reading buddies! Today I’ve got two picture books for you:  Shark Vs. Train by Chris Barton and Tom Lichtenheld, and The Pet Project: Cute and Cuddly Vicious Verses by Lisa Wheeler and Zachariah Ohora.

shark vs trainThe highly thought-provoking Shark vs Train follows a hypothetical battle betwixt toothy sea creature and iron-clad steam machine. The overarching message at the end of this one is that context is everything!


* you’ve ever idly debated the relative merits of two random objects across a range of wildly unlikely scenarios

* you are a philosophy buff with a particular interest in toy-related dilemmas

* you believe the transition of competition-style reality tv shows to book format is long overdue

* you are a boy, aged 3 to 93 +, or are responsible for providing reading material for a boy, aged 3 to 93+

I really enjoyed this book as it is super relatable for anyone who has ever spent time with children of a certain age.  What tickled me most though, was that I could just imagine the book being played out as a serious conversation between two little fleshlings…and realised that the two little fleshlings could be substituted for two old men and the imagined conversation was altered not one jot.  Now that’s proof of a wide appeal!

pet projectWe’re quite fond of a bit of poetry round the shelf, and The Pet Project, a story about a young girl researching an appropriate choice of pet, was therefore fondly received.


* you believe any major life decision should be approached using fieldwork, careful recording of observations, and an empirically verifiable method

*you firmly believe that your parents would have allowed you to keep those seven cats that followed you home, had you only been able to demonstrate the economic boon that would have resulted from the creation of a cottage industry in your bedroom based on woven cat-hair socks and scarves

* the idea of being wee-ed on by a guinea pig grosses you out….but the idea of someone else being wee-ed on by a guinea pig puts you in a smug kind of good humour

The illustrations in this book are really appealing and perfectly complement the humour in the verses.  This is definitely one to read to any kid who’s been bugging you to get them a pet.

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Until next time!


13 thoughts on “Two Quirky Picture Books: Read-it-aloud-if….

  1. I have to have these, perhaps one day I will add these to the library and it will become God like in its attributes. Shark Vs Train will probably be turned into a cheap TV programme that will become a cult hit.


  2. Both sound appropriate for my son. First one may help me follow his train of thoughts and with 2nd hopefully I might persuade him that I don’t want him to have a snake, lizard and hamster as pets.


  3. Hilarious! This has been the best review so far on the kid lit hop :)) We have read the Shark v/s train but since ours is a family dominated by females (and neither of us are into reality TV or thinking about toy wars just yet), this book didn’t get much traction! 🙂 The other one though seems like a natural fit?? I just got to find out..


    • Yes, I can’t imagine that Shark v Train might be inexplicable to your typical, right-thinking young lass! There’s a very studious little girl featured in The Pet Project, so you might get more interest 🙂 Thanks for dropping in…


  4. I picked up Shark vs. Train while pregnant with Max, and I am SO glad I did. We adore it and read it all the time. I’ll definitely look up The Pet Project on our next library trip. Thanks so much for rejoining us at the Kid Lit blog hop!


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