Fiction in 50 August Challenge: Famous Last Words…

Fi50 number three is on, and the prompt this month is *cue slow, deep, booming voice*: FAMOUS….LAST….WORDS…..

fiction in 50


To join in, all you have to do is compose a piece of fiction in 50 words of less in the next week and post a link in the comments so others can drop by and compliment your fantastic wordsmithery!  For more detailed instructions and prompts for coming months, click on the attractive button above or the link on my header.

My contribution this month is titled:

Told You So

Christmas Eve:  Westfield carpark.  Air-con busted, sweat dripping, radio tinkling….

*…Snow is fallin’, all around me…*

The boyfriend guns toward a free space…

*…’tis the season…love and understanding…*

“You won’t make that, they’ve parked right on the line.”

“Nah, there’s plenty of room.”

Screeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaak. Scraaaaaaaaaaapppeee.

*…Merry Christmas, everyone….*

Obviously, being a southern hemisphere blog, I tend towards uniquely southern hemispherical experiences…such as ridiculous snow-themed Christmas songs providing the backdrop for heat-stroke induced parking-lot rage.  And to really up the ante, here’s the video for the song featured in my Fi50:




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11 thoughts on “Fiction in 50 August Challenge: Famous Last Words…

    • Yep…the silly electronic lights and things they’ve put in to show how many free parks don’t seem to help much…lucky bookshelfgargoylism doesn’t require many trips in the car.


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