Fiction in 50 Challenge: September

It’s that time again, so get your diminuitive creative juices flowing for….

fiction in 50

This month’s prompt is…

fi50 uncon button

I had a minor hiccup this month, as despite coming up with the prompts myself and posting a reminder about this month’s prompt less than a week ago, I still managed to accidentally pen a response to next month’s prompt.  So rather than trying to redirect my thought processes, I’ve decided to do a mini-saga starting this month and finishing next month, based around the same main character.  I have titled this introductory piece:

The Optimist

The interview had gone well…

“The more information you give us, the more likely we’ll be to find a good match.”

“Well, I’m not fussy really, but ideally she’d be a pigeon-racing aficionado.”

“Riiiiiiiight. And how important is that criterion for you?”

“Well, non-negotiable, really. Ideally.”

…I anticipated impending love.

TO BE CONTINUED in next month’s challenge, the prompt for which is:

monumentally awkward button

If you’d like to join in (and we all sincerely hope you do!) simply create a piece of fiction in 50 words or less, and post it in the comments or post it on your blog and leave a link in the comments so we can all pop by.

If you have any ideas for future prompts, please suggest them and with a bit of luck I’ll include them on the list for future challenges.

Oh, and as a special reward for reading this far, you get to hear about my first ever giveaway, which I will be posting later in the week….keep it under your hat. Or don’t.

Until next time,


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