Celebrations and Setbacks…and a Haiku Review…

It’s okay, you can all stop wondering where I’ve been…fretting, pining and general grief at my absence can all be put aside, for all will now be explained.

So a new mini-fleshling has recently arrived in our dwelling, neatly providing the explanation for why the she-fleshling has been gradually gaining weight over the last nine months. As a result of this cute little arrival, we shelf-folk have had limited access to the electronic postifying devices…hence the lack of recent post activity. Hopefully, normal service will be resumed sometime prior to the newcomer’s 18th birthday.

In other news, it was recently our blogoversary.

I know, you forgot.

It would have been nice after all this time to receive a little acknowledgement…some flowers…a cake…a fancy hat perhaps…but it appears this was not to be. Incidentally, my plans for the occasion – a spectacular giveaway of gargantuan…okay, modest… proportions – was foiled by rafflecopter not working on WordPress hosted blogs, so I suppose in a way, we’re both at fault.  Let’s just take a brief moment to acknowledge the milestone, shall we, and say no more about it.

As a small consolation prize though, please enjoy Mad Martha’s latest effort – a haiku review of Underwater Dogs: Kids’ Edition by Seth Casteel! Those diving doggies are back in this bright, breezy picture book that captures all the hilarity of swimming puppies in a riot of fun photography and rhyming verse.  I defy you not to guffaw at their aquatic facial gymnastics.

underwater dogsJowls all a-quiver

Doyens of doggy paddle

Chase the soggy grail

Little kids (and bigger kids who find swimming dog faces funny) will fall in love with this book.  It may even inspire the mini-fleshlings around your place to do some of their own dog-tography (see what I did there? It’s dog photograpy…”Nice portmanteau work Bruce,” I hear you think).  And as a sweet little bonus, the reverse side of the dust cover of the hardback version features a poster-sized copy of one of the photographs for your enlarged viewing pleasure.  To find out more about Seth Casteel’s work, you could check out his website at http://www.littlefriendsphoto.com/index2.php#!/home

Until next time, enjoy your sleep, because no one around the shelf is getting any,


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26 thoughts on “Celebrations and Setbacks…and a Haiku Review…

  1. Congrats on the happy tidings!!! Sorry about the sleep thing–I’m not a mum, but I imagine it gets better (some days). And congrats also on the blog anniversary–good show!!


  2. Well, congratulations all around! New mini-fleshling? That means more picture books!! I like your pick for today! It’s kind of like looking in a mirror. I wish you many more blogiversaries and birth days. Yay!


  3. Congratulations times two and a happy new year if I don’t see you around for it..or indeed the next few. Dogs are great, I laugh at them frequently…in the street though usually.


  4. Stopping by from the blog hop to say hello. Thanks for sharing your review. What child wouldn’t want a great book and a bonus poster!


  5. Happy blogoversary and congrats on the mini-fleshling. You can put a simple link to the rafflecopter page you know 🙂 But then it’s a bit technical and with all these momentous events going on… I shall contain my pining for a while.


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