Fiction in 50 October Challenge: Monumentally Awkward…

fiction in 50

Morning all! I hope you’ve got your mini-tales or viewing eyeballs ready to go, because it’s Fi50 time again.  If you haven’t prepared, fear not! There’s still time – all this week in fact..or all month if you’re tardy.  All you have to do is create a piece of fiction in 50 words or less. For more detailed instructions on how to join in, click on the large attractive button above!

This month’s (appropriately spooky) theme is….

monumentally awkward button

…because there’s nothing scarier than an unexpected and horribly awkward moment.

Due to a clerical error (ie: my being unable to read the instructions that I initially wrote), I actually completed this challenge accidentally last month.  To salvage my work though, I decided to write a two-parter.  So this month’s effort completes the tale that began last month with the “Unconventional Relationships” prompt.  If you are one of those people who just can’t jump into a “series” without reading the first instalment, perhaps you would like to catch up here.

So, part two in the teeny-tiny-saga, I have titled …

Their Finest Hour (The Optimist #2)

She was the one. I could feel it.  It was only our first date, but sometimes, you just know.

A smudge of lipstick on her cheek. I tenderly wipe at it….

And again….


I chuckle, “My grandma had a facial birthmark. An absolute whopper!”

I can hear the bells.

I’m looking forward to seeing what other monumentally awkward moments can be described in brief, yet enticing detail!

Our prompt for next month is…

past regrets button

Until next time,


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