Secret Santa Squirrels: A Cheeky Christmas Haiku Review…

Feliz Navidad munchkins! It’s Mad Martha with you today playing the role of jolly little elf, with a haiku review of a cheeky Christmas-y picture book, just in the nick of time before the big event.  Carefree, pint-sized author Hazel Nutt asked whether I wouldn’t let you all know about this little gem and I have agreed, so without further adieu, I present to you, Secret Santa Squirrels!

secret santa squirrels

This book attempts to answer the age-old question: How does Santa deliver so many presents in just one night?  Does he use magic? A high-powered stocking-seeking present missile? Unmanned drones?


Apparently it’s a combination of reindeer droppings and squirrel magic.  Bet you didn’t see that one coming!  Here is an image of the beginning of the process:

reindeer poo

And I can assure you, those aren’t chocolate rumballs being cheerfully cast aloft by those reindeer.

I will allow you to discover the details for yourself as you delve into this short, sweet, rhyming picture book, but allow me to say, it appears that Santa is onto a pretty eco-friendly and labour efficient method here.

Christmas news just in!

Think your gifts just appeared there?

Kindly wash your hands.

While some of the scanning in the rhymes is a little bit stilted, subversive kids of all ages will love the idea that their presents were once poo.  This would be a great pre-Christmas giggle for any slightly cynical little elves in your dwelling.

And for those who live in countries that don’t have squirrels – mine being one of them – I have been assured by the author that there is an entire underground network of creatures that take on local work for Santa at this time of year.  Sharp-eyed Australian and Kiwi residents might even spot some possums fulfilling poo-to-present duties if they glance out at the right moment on Christmas eve.

It’s available at Amazon if you want to be the first in your community to crack this Christmas secret wide open.

Ciao for now chums,

Mad Martha

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