Fi50 January Challenge Reminder and that quirky mistress, Tumblr…


It’s that time again!  The first Fiction in 50 writing challenge for the year kicks off on Monday the 27th of January!  If you’d like to participate, simply write a piece of fiction (or poetry or whatever) in 50 words or less and link it up to the linky when my post goes live on Monday.

The prompt for this month is….

fi50 jan button

Still going on those resolutions, anyone??

fiction in 50For more information or to find out prompts for the next few challenges, click on this attractive button!

So, onto my next point for this post – that quirky mistress, Tumblr.

Recently I decided that, not feeling quite ready to tackle the gargantuan social-interaction machine that is Twitter, I would attempt to take on a slightly more manageable branching out into other platforms.  So I selected Tumblr.  Now, everyone who I have since mentioned this to has immediately commented, “I don’t really get Tumblr,” and I must say that I have to agree with them.

Despite not being 100% sure what the point of Tumblr is, I have nevertheless leapt in with gusto and selected Tumblr as the new place for most of my random poetry, musings and hilarious images* (* hilarious as rated by me).  To whet your appetite, here a few of my recent posts….

Obscure Proverb of the Day – Everyone knows not to count their chickens before they’ve hatched and to look before they leap, but what about those other, less well known proverbs, that in spite of their lack of popularity, have nuggets of wisdom to impart to the switched-on reader?  Here is an example of one I’ve dug up:

rotting tooth

Hilarious pictures – Recently I have been having somewhat of a field day with one of the mini-fleshling’s Hobbit figurines.  Really, the permutations are endless. And endlessly amusing to me. Please enjoy an example of Dance numbers we’d like to see in Hobbit! The Musical…Flight of the Bilbo-bee

flight of the bilbobee

Virtual Fridge Poetry – in this instance, it is the fridge that is virtual, not the poetry.  Here is one I put together only a few days ago, to honour those suffering in the ridiculous heat we southerners have had to endure very recently…It is titled “Vindictive Summer”:

vindicitve summer

So if dancing hobbits and lowbrow poetry are your thing, hop on over to visit me at Tumblr – I’ll have the cold drinks and cupcakes on standby!

Until next time, get those mini-creative juices flowing!



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