Fiction in 50 February Challenge: Love in the time of…


Welcome one and all to the February Fiction in 50 Challenge!  Every month for Fi50 we ask brave and creative fleshlings (like you!) to take on the challenge of creating a piece of fiction based on a prompt in 50 words or less.  Last month we had a number of new faces that threw their assorted headwear into the ring and as a result we had a nicely diverse range of responses to the prompt.  If you would like to participate or find out about future months’ prompts, click on that delightful image up above.

To add your contribution to the linky, simply click on the little froggy dude below:

This month’s prompt was an open-ended invitation to fill in the blank with…

love in the time of button

Being a lover of wordplay in most of its many forms, I have chosen to fill in the blank with one of my personal favourite things.  I give you….

Love in the Time of Palindromes

*rated MA 15+ for implied adult themes*

“Happy birthday darling!” Ava kissed Otto.  “Dinner, 7 o’clock, UFO Tofu with Hannah and Bob. And, tickets to….”

“Ah! Satan Sees Natasha at the Llama Mall!”

“And for desserts, I stressed: no lemon, no melon.”

“You’re a mega gem!”

“And when we’re alone…”

“Not a banana baton?!”


“Fancy skipping dinner?”

I came in at 50 words on the knocker this month thanks to some judicious editing.  I’ve noticed I seem to be a big fan of dialogue based narrative…perhaps next month I should challenge myself to write an Fi50 with no dialogue at all….or maybe not.  Speaking of next month, our prompt for the March challenge will be:

tiny beautiful button

So feast your eyes on the efforts of our little Fi50 community for February, share the challenge around if you know any aspiring (or utterly casual) writers of mini-narrative, and generally enjoy our combined efforts to advance the cause of anti-novel writing!

Until next time,



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14 thoughts on “Fiction in 50 February Challenge: Love in the time of…

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  2. Well, you’ve totally blown me away–palindromes!! You must have been up for a week, doing this. Great work, Bravo!! Mine is nothing so grand, but I like it–will bring your the link manana.


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