Fiction in 50 April Challenge: Only Joking…


Welcome to the Fiction in 50 challenge for April.  This month’s prompt is…

only joking button

If you’d like to join in, simply create a piece of fiction or poetry or whatever in 50 words or less.  If you want more information, just click on the button at the top of this post.  We love to have new players joining in – the more the merrier (particularly given this month’s prompt!). You can link up your entries in this linky right here or just add your link in the comments:

Now I’m feeling a bit under the weather this time around, so I apologise if my submission is not up to its usual mediocre standard, but here we go…I have titled this piece

Watch Out!

“He’s gone too far this time. I’m going to say something.”

“Why? It’ll all be water under the bridge by now.”

‘She’s trying to help and he humiliates her!”

He grabs the remote.

“It’s fine love.   I’ve got a new rule for evenings in: no more bloody Jeremy Beadle repeats!”

For those lucky individuals who don’t get the pop culture reference of the 1980s and 1990s, you can get a small taste of the “comic genius” of Jeremy Beadle right here.  I’d love to hear from my British friends – was Beadle really as universally enjoyed as his youtube fans suggest? I have a faint feeling of dread that bubbles up every time I hear that theme song….*shudder*

For those who like to be ultra-prepared, next month’s prompt is…

what comes after button

I look forward to reading your efforts, you crazy jokers!

Until next time,


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13 thoughts on “Fiction in 50 April Challenge: Only Joking…

  1. That name brings back memories. There is a hideous smile on my face which just got even more so when that classic theme tune and facial expressions just assaulted my senses. That has me in the mood for finding old clips of the Neighbours opening credits circa 1987.


    • It sounds much like the theme tune of 2014 doesn’t it? I’ve not watched it since about 1987. But they’re currently showing teaser ads over here that show Kylie and Jason’s (sorry, Scott and Charlene’s) son turning up in a Summer Bay. No, Ramsay St. Sorry, nearly made a flamin’ galah out of myself there…


      • I haven’t heard that term in years, that has made my week. I think it is pretty much the same but more harmonic and the characters seem so cheesy gurning away like they matter that they almost seem hateful to me. Ramsay Street will never recover its former glory.


      • That would be immense! There would be so many drinking games for that show…I used the phrase ‘rack off’ today in honour of you. I got bewildered looks which made it even more worthwhile.


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