July New Release Giveaway Hop! Win stuff! and stuff…


Flash giveaway! Hooray! 

I saw the sign ups for this one and I just couldn’t resist joining in.  The July New Release Giveaway Hop is hosted by Bo-ok Nerd and runs from July 15th to 31st.  It is a hop, as well, so don’t forget to hop along and check out the other participants’ giveaways in the linky at the end of the post.

The idea of this hop is to give away a book that has been released in July 2014.  Obviously, there’s a veritable stack of such books and the header image might give you an idea of some of them.  You can also find some ideas here at Goodreads.  I will remind you of a few books that have been/will be released this month that have appeared/are soon to be featured right here on the shelf:

what milo saw the girl from the well irregular verbs and other stories frankenstein journals alias hook

My giveaway is open internationally as long as the Book Depository ships to your country for free.  One winner will be selected randomly by rafflecopter and will be able to pick a book of their choice up to the value of $20AUD AS LONG AS IT HAS A JULY 2014 PUBLICATION DATE.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! Now don’t forget to visit the other participating blogs:

Until next time, Bruce  

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130 thoughts on “July New Release Giveaway Hop! Win stuff! and stuff…

  1. Depends on the book, and since I lived in a town where new books generally don’t come until much later in the year, I buy books online. And even the preorders came AFTER the release date lol.


  2. Most of the time, I wait til the release date to pre-order. The exception is usually the next book in a series I really love


  3. I have never actually preordered a book before. Most of the time I wait and see if other people enjoy it or not. I had City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare preordered but it didn’t arrive on release day so I bought it in store. So most of the time I wait but I actually want to preorder some fall releases because I need to have them on release day! 🙂


    • I know!! I didn’t quite realise how many I would end up with this month…Luckily some are sponsored by publishers, otherwise I would have had to risk breaking into a dragon’s hoard to pay for them.


  4. When book depository had major discounts on pre-orders, I was totally all for it, I adored pre-orders because the prices were much cheaper. Now I wait till after the release date cause there tends be a bigger discount as the pre-orders are now a standard 10%. Budgeting my book spending. 😛 Thank you for the giveaway, enjoy your day! 🙂


  5. If it’s an author I love or a series I really like, then I’ll pre-order. Otherwise, I will just wait until it’s released.

    Thanks Bruce! 😀


  6. It depends really. I pre-order if it’s a lot cheaper, especially for my mangas. But sometimes I just wait for the book to be released especially if it’s a final book in a trilogy. There could be boxsets!


  7. If it is a series that I cannot wait to finish, then I preorder it. Otherwise I like to wait, especially because sometimes different stores have different editions (for instance, Target has released many books with exclusive bonus stories) and I want to be able to choose which edition I want.


  8. I will preorder if its a book that I am really excited for. Usually I don’t preorder more than a month in advance though so I remember I already ordered it.


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