Bruce’s Reading Round-Up: Graphic Novel Edition…


Welcome to my first reading round-up of the week! On Friday we’ll be lassooing some of the odder titles roaming the literary plains, but today we’ll be focusing on a herd of bright, flashy graphic novels.  Hi Ho Readers, Away!

Henni (Miss Lasko-Gross)

HenniTwo Sentence Synopsis:

Henni lives in a society ruled by religious zealots.  Her father taught her to question, and when her natural curiosity threatens to undermine her safety, Henni sets off to find answers to her big questions.

Muster up the motivation because:

Apart from the striking black and white artwork and humanimal characters, there’s plenty of depth to be uncovered in Henni’s wanderings.  There are lots of social issues touched upon here and the reader can ponder upon them as deeply as they please, or just enjoy Henni’s coming-of-age story in a strange, original context.  There’s even a dissenter that Henni comes across, performing his own, scultpural version of yarn-bombing who I particularly identified with.

Brand it with:

Spiritual philosophising, curious cat-people, coming-of-age, flight from death

Read my Goodreads review here!

* I received a copy of this title from the publisher via Netgalley*

 Soppy: A Love Story (Philippa Rice)

Two Sentence Synopsis:

This is a cute collection of cartoons featuring the author and her partner.  Perfect for a blue day pick-me-up, this title will best appeal to those who don’t have hearts made of stoney stone.

Muster up the motivation because:

The black, white and red colour scheme, coupled with the cutesy illustrations make this tome very easy on the eye.  There’s not a lot of text here either, so readers are not in any danger of having to think too hard.  I suspect that most fleshlings who have ever been in any kind of commited relationship will get a chuckle out of recognising themselves in Rice’s story.

Brand it with:

Heartwarming humour, whimsical to a fault, coupled sleeping positions of the Northern Hemisphere.

Read my Goodreads review here!

* I received a copy of this title from the publisher via Netgalley *

Bad Machinery (#3): The Case of the Simple Soul (John Allison)

bad machineryTwo Sentence Synopsis:

A group of six friends have to find something to do during their summer holiday break after solving most of the mysteries in their village.  Luckily there’s been a spate of barn fires recently, and two of the friends stumble upon a troll-creature living under a bridge.

Muster up the motivation because:

Everyone needs a pleasant diversion from the cares and woes of modern life and why not spend that diversion with a group of six, slightly strange British teens?  There’s a lot of sarky, dry humour here if that sort of thing pleases you and the story doesn’t require too much of the reader.  But if the prospect of a hairy troll-man living under a bridge with a pet fox doesn’t convince you, you’re probably reading the wrong blog.

Brand it with:

Understated teen drama, haters-gonna-hate (fire), unusual couplings

Read my Goodreads review here!

* I received a copy of this title from the publisher via Netgalley *

Stay tuned for the odd round up on Friday pardners!

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6 thoughts on “Bruce’s Reading Round-Up: Graphic Novel Edition…

  1. Being a grumpy Monday morning person, I am leaning to the Bad Machinery effort, I am though still only half awake and wondering what is going on in general.


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