Deja Vu Blogfest: A Second Bite at the Apple!



So I stumbled across this ripper idea for a blog hop: the Déjà Vu Blogfest! The idea is to repost a post from earlier in the year, to both take the heat off creating original content at this busy time of year and to give an overlooked post or old favourite a second airing.  The hosts of the Deja Vu Blogfest are DL Hammons and Nicole Zoltack – three cheers for a great pre-holiday blog party!  At the end of this post you can find the linky with all the other participants – it’s a great opportunity to hop around and find some new bloggers to connect with.

So I have chosen a Fiction in 50 that I particularly enjoyed writing.  In fact, it was a close call between this one and my entry for the February 2014 challenge, Love in the Time of Palindromes.  The Fi50 I have chosen however is one in which I was heartily pleased with my wordplay.  Without further ado, I give you my contribution for the January 2014 Fiction in 50 challenge, on the prompt “The Best of Intentions”.

I feel like I’ve outdone myself this month, and I hope you agree.  This is certainly my favourite piece so far!  Although, admittedly, it is 51 words long and therefore fails the challenge, but I could not decide on another word to cull. Editing suggestions are most welcome.  I have titled this piece….

Bob’s Big Break

“What’s your best price Bob?” asks St. Peter.

”We’ll replace this path with patented Good Intentions Pavers, plus eternity-length warranty on cracking and fading, for $9 million per square metre!”

“How much?”

“Okay, $8m. Mate’s rates.”

 “Go to Hell!” sputters Peter.

Bob considers. It’s the break he’s been looking for.

So there you have it.  Join in with your links here:

The linky will remain open for a whole month, so you’ve got plenty of time to play along (and cull that 51st word).  New players welcome! Old players in disguise welcome!

For anyone who happens to be interested in the Fiction in 50 monthly challenge, simply click on the attractive button below!


Now hop along and meet some other posts that are getting a second chance to shine!

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16 thoughts on “Deja Vu Blogfest: A Second Bite at the Apple!

  1. Hi, Just popped in from the Deja Vu Blogfest. I liked your fiction in 50 piece. Sorry, I’ve got no brilliant suggestions for that pesky 51st word. Good luck, I’m sure you will figure it out. Hope you have fun at the blogfest today and have a great weekend.


    • Thanks for stopping by! Never mind about the 51st word. As the host of the challenge, I retain a certain carefree disregard for the rules *sings* “It’s my challenge and I’ll use an extra word if I want tooooooo” … But usually I stay within the 50!


  2. Fabulous Fiction in 50!! Loved it. Hey, here’s a suggestion on a word cut: how about cutting the word “for” before the price quote? Make that line two sentences by cutting out “for” and you have your 50. That’s quite a skill, writing a story in 50 (or 51) words. That’s the hardest part of writing for me, is cutting to a specific word count. Tough stuff. You do it well!
    Hope you’re enjoying the Deja Vu blogfest as much as I am.
    Happy holidays.
    michele at Angels Bark


    • You see, I should have found you all earlier, you’re all full of good editing suggestions – thanks! I will need to make a decision about that 51st word when I eventually get around to putting them all in an anthology of some sort. Eventually.
      Thanks for dropping in 🙂


  3. Love it! And I hope you don’t mind, but I have every intention of joining the FI50 club for 2015. If I tell you now, I might remember!
    Happy Christmas!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi! Catching up with the last few names on the link-list! That thing called life and family and Christmas and ….. well you get the picture! I think writing a piece of fiction in 50 words is pretty impressive 🙂 x


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