Good morning loyal readers (and disloyal ones too!). This is just a quick post to let you know that my shelf buddies and I will be having another few days off.  The wifi does not get connected to the new shelf until the 30th of January, so do not be alarmed if no new content springs into your inbox this week.

Once that wifi is switched on however, prepare to be flooded with a veritable cartload of quality bookish stuff.  There’ll be a feature on indie author Allen Houston’s incredibly imaginative and creepy Nightfall Gardens trilogy, a graphic novelish double dip and a twin helping of Mondays are for Murder.

In the meantime, perhaps you could participate in Fiction in 50 for this month (or read some of the stellar contributions), or have a bash at the Oddity Odyssey Reading Challenge.

Or you might like to hum quietly to yourself, start a social movement to bring peace to our troubled world, or invent a new flavour of waffle.  The choice is yours!

See you all again in a bit.

Bruce (and the gang)

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