Time for a (dragon) Chaser, anyone?: The Demonic Incident in Chinatown…and GIVEAWAY!



Welcome to the Read-It-If Review from Hell! But not in the way you think. Today I have an enticing giveaway, and an equally enticing review of a remarkably enticing sequel. I speak of course, of the second book by Andy Mulberry; the MG comic fantasy adventure The Demonic Incident in Chinatown.

This book is a follow on from the rib-tickling oddity that is Skycastle, The Demon and Me, in which young Jack finds a newspaper ad under the fridge and accidentally orders his very own demon.  You can read my review of that adventure here.


But in this second adventure, the mayhem ramps up as Jack and Brink jump into a frenzied hunt for gold.

When we left Jack and Brink, they were trapped inside Skycastle as the  building flew through the air. Safe, for the moment, from the Collector, boy and demon begin a frantic hunt for gold to buy Brink’s freedom.  The search leads them deep into trouble – dragon-based trouble – and if that weren’t bad enough, Chinatown is about to become a lot more of  a tourist attraction thanks to Jack and Brink.  Can our two heroes get the gold for Brink’s life and liberty or will all their good intentions lead them down the path to hell – and the Collector?



Read it if:

* you’ve always got a family member who’s good for a loan when you’re in a tight spot

* you like your theatre performances to end with an unexpected twist, preferably involving the hasty exit of all involved

* you adamantly believe that, when things go pear-shaped, one should never lose one’s head

The Demonic Incident in Chinatown begins exactly where the initial book leaves off and since it’s been a little while since I read the first book in the series, it took me a few moments to reorient myself to what was going on in the story.  I was soon back into the action again however, and was quite happy to be accompanying the lads on their adventure.  The tone of this book is a little different to the first – the witty banter is still there, but Brink and Jack seem to be more comfortable in their friendship this time around and are more focused on evading capture and finding a quick bit of gold, than spending time chatting.

The plot moves quickly through the action scenes and then hits a peak right at the end, when some dragon-and-headless-ghost craziness kicks off in rather public view.  This series is shaping up to be super-appealing to young readers, with humour, wild action and fun fantasy elements – who wouldn’t want a castle that can zip you out of imminent danger and plop you down somewhere cool?!

So if you know of a young reader who likes humour, wild action and fun fantasy elements (or that describes you!) and you live in the US or Canada, you should probably enter the giveaway! Author of the series Andy Mulberry is offering one winner the chance to win PRINT copies of BOTH the books in the series.  To enter, just click on the rafflecopter link below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And in case you are one of those happy people that will just rush out and buy the book, don’t forget it’s also available in e-form, and in AUDIO book, for your listening pleasure!

Good luck!

Until next time,



3 thoughts on “Time for a (dragon) Chaser, anyone?: The Demonic Incident in Chinatown…and GIVEAWAY!

  1. These sound so fun. I went over to Goodreads and added them to my TBR. I’ve been reading and reviewing a lot of children’s reads and these would be great. I’m crossing fingers, toes, eyes, and everything else I can to win them. LOL


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