Fiction in 50 March Challenge: A Kernel of Truth…

imageWelcome to Fiction in 50 for March.   If you’d like to join in, simply create a piece of fiction or poetry in 50 words or less using this month’s prompt and post a link to your work of genius in the comments of this post. If you want to share on twitter, don’t forget to use the hashtag #Fi50.  To find out more about the challenge and future prompts, simply click on the large attractive button at the beginning of this post.  This month’s prompt is…

kernel of truth

I’ve indulged in a cheeky bit of speculative fiction this month (or as speculative as one can be in under 50 words) and based my story on the ridiculously unseasonal weather we’ve been experiencing in Brisbane over the past few weeks.  This one is a little Antipodes-centric, but sometimes you’ve just got to champion the home side.  I have titled my contribution…

Excerpt from  CP State High School circa 2040 “Year 10 History Short-Answer Exam: The Early Millennial Years”

1.Describe how Coober Pedy replaced Canberra as the nation’s capital.

It started with climate-change-denying pollies. Temps in the high-30s in mid-Autumn? Wake up morons! When they finally twigged, they left the plebs to fry and shifted to CP. All hail our under-dwelling overlords!

Antagonistically put, Darren, but essentially correct.  B+

Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s efforts! For those who like to be prepared, next month’s prompt will be a democratic one.  It is:

the trouble with Fi50 button


I love the “fill in the blank” prompts.  We always get such creative responses.

Until next time,


7 thoughts on “Fiction in 50 March Challenge: A Kernel of Truth…

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    • I suspected it might be you!! Welcome back 🙂 Mr Linky is a victim of my laziness. I couldn’t be bothered setting one up each month, so it’s back to adding links in the comments. Of course, as soon as I got rid of the linky, more people started joining in, so we could probably do with having one again.


      • First, how nice that you recognized me–yay, I’m famous! And hey, I’d be thrilled Not to have the Linky–‘specially in April when I’m extra busy writing. Hope you and the Fam are all well–God bless!


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