Fiction in 50 June Challenge: Exit, Stage Left…


Welcome to the halfway point for micro-fictioneers: the June challenge for Fiction in 50!  We always love new (and sporadic!) contributors, so if you’d like to play along simply create a piece of fiction or poetry in fewer than 51 words and pop your link in the comments for this post.  For more detailed instructions and to get a heads-up on upcoming prompts (the next six months’ worth are now up!) just click here.  Don’t forget if you’re sharing on Twitter to use the hashtag #Fi50.

So the prompt for this month is the rather theatrical…

june fi50 button

..and so I have written an appropriately non-theatrical, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, dram-com.  I have titled it:

Earth’s Technopolypse: The Aftermath

The Intergalactic Alliance reported they’d never seen such a swift decimation of a dominant species. The rescue ships found only sporadic enclaves of senior citizens; their natural immunity to modern tech proving redemptive.

The survivors claimed resettlement on a resort planet.

It was the first extinction attributed to ageing disgracefully.  

Go you good (old) things! I can’t help but fondly hope that Wilfred Mott was among their number, at least in spirit.  Now let’s see your efforts!

For those who like to plan ahead, July’s prompt will be…

public enemy button

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