Fiction in 50 July Challenge…


Welcome to the Fiction in 50 challenge for July! Our prompt this month is…

public enemy button

To join in, simply create a piece of fiction or poetry related to the prompt in fewer than 51 words, then link your effort to the comments of this post.  For more detailed information on the challenge just click on the attractive button at the top of this post.

So with all of the paper tiger public enemies being put up round our neck of the woods in recent months (and years), I thought I would go for a little bit of dystopian fiction.  Once again I’ve clocked in at 51 words, but I just couldn’t find a word I wanted to cull.  Suggestions, as always, are welcome.

My contribution is titled…

A Public Information Notice From Your Government

Citizens are reminded that members of the never-were class have been retroactively dehumanised to maintain government-imposed peace.

Although never-weres may have been your spouse, child, parent or friend, government thought-monitors have detected anti-government sentiments within their private thoughts.

Citizens are reminded that harbouring a never-was carries a penalty of retroactive dehumanisation.


I’m looking forward to seeing your efforts this month! If you’re sharing on Twitter, don’t forget to use the hashtag #Fi50.  For those who like to be prepared, next month’s prompt is…

calculated risk button

Until next time,


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