Don’t be a Party Pooper: Join in Fiction in 50!


It’s time for the September Fiction in 50 challenge and if you’re game, we challenge you to join in! Just create a piece of fiction or poetry in fewer than fifty-one words based on our prompt and then post your link in the comments of this post.  For more detailed instructions, click on the attractive button at the top of this post.

This month’s prompt is:

life of the party button

So don’t be a party pooper (although apparently every party needs one) and join in!

This month, my contribution is titled…

The Gift, Unlooked For

Vindictus Sage, budding evil genius, regarded the festivities dispassionately.

“Join the party, Vinnie!” Ever-jolly Aunty Susan threw him a small, coloured object.

Blanching at the despised nickname, Vindictus examined the object: a confetti-launching device.

Vindictus smiled, a watery grimace.

Here, at last, the final piece of his most abominable invention.

Don’t forget, if you’re sharing on Twitter, to use the hashtag #Fi50.

For those who like to be prepared, we have a democratic prompt for October:

beware the button

You fill in the blank!

Can’t wait to see what you’ve all come up with this month!

Until next time,


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