Fiction in 50 October Challenge: A Democratic Prompt…


Fiction in 50 NEW BUTTONWelcome to all you literary thrill-seekers!  It’s time again for Fiction in 50, the challenge where participants try to squeeze big ideas into tiny word counts.  You may notice the new challenge button at the start of this post. I’ve been having a play around with the challenge button and this is what I came up with…not 100% sure I’m happy with it, but it will do for now.   If you’d like to know more about Fiction in 50 and how to join in, just click on said button and all will be revealed.  Anyway, today’s prompt is super democratic in that YOU, the challenge participant, get to fill in the blank with whatever you’d like to write about.  The prompt is…

beware the button

And I have chosen to make my prompt, “Beware the possibilities in an infinite universe”, which is a bit wordy, I know, but perfect for my requirements.  I have titled my 51-word piece (I just couldn’t edit any more!)….

Philosophy at Work

The livestock were restive.

“You know, I’ve heard they’re at least as smart as dogs.  Do you think they know what’s happening?”


“Imagine if there was a planet where they were the dominant species and we were the livestock!”

Conveyor belts chugged.  Blades whirred.

 “Humans? Eating pigs? As if.”

I am just bursting to see what you have all come up with for this choose-your-own-adventure prompt!  For those who are organised, next month’s prompt will be…

an unexpected arrival button

Until next time,



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