TBR Friday…and a Fi50 Reminder!

Fiction in 50 NEW BUTTONBefore we kick off with another TBR Friday, allow me to remind you that Fiction in 50 for February opens on Monday, with the prompt…

raising the bar

To participate, just create a piece of poetry or prose in fewer than 51 words and link it up or post it in the comments of the Fi50 post on Monday.  For more detailed instructions and future prompts, just click here.

Now, on to…

TBR Friday

Today’s book is Grounded by Kate Klise, a middle grade historical fiction.


Ten Second Synopsis:

After Daralynn’s father, brother and sister are killed in a plane accident, she and her mother find it hard to relate to each other, despite providing hair styling in tandem at her mother’s new salon. Daralynn has enough trouble trying to hide the hundreds of dolls she received after the deaths from her Mamaw, who is sliding into dementia, without having to worry about the frosty atmosphere at home.  Then the charming Mr Clem moves into town with his new crematorium, sweeping Aunt Josie off her feet and threatening Daralynn’s mother’s other job at the funeral home and Daralynn discovers that sometimes not even the grown-ups have all the answers.

Time on the TBR shelf:

Almost two years!! Since March 10th, 2014


From the Book Depository, because it was a middle grade novel featuring funerals.  I subsequently bought every single book in Kate Klise’s 43 Old Cemetery Road series…and have only read one. Oops.

Reason I haven’t read it yet:

Other shiny, newer books have taken my fantasy.  I have also been keeping it back; half because I thought it might be great, so I’ll keep it in reserve, half because I was scared it would be a bit crap and didn’t want to be disappointed.

Best Bits:

  • This is an absolute gem of a middle grade read – historical fiction (set in the 60s – I think), dealing with grief and family cracks, with a strong female protagonist who is absolutely ordinary and relatable
  • The writing had a very mature feel about it for a middle grade novel, meaning that young readers won’t feel patronised while reading about difficult topics
  • Daralynn is a girl stood apart – unusually, she is the protagonist and only young character (apart from a few passing cameos) in the novel.  No side kick, no bully, no nothing.  This worked impressively well I thought and definitely sets this book apart from the common crowd
  • There is a twist and a mystery in the plot that I DID NOT SEE COMING.  Nicely played, Klise.
Less Impressive Bits:
  • I got nothing.  This is an extremely impressive read.
On reflection, was this worth buying?
Absolutely.  You should probably buy it too, especially if you happen to be a teacher in a middle grade classroom looking for a crackingly engaging book for your more able readers.
Where to now for this tome?
To the permanent shelf, STAT!
Right then, that’s handhold number three done and dusted and what an addition to the challenge it was.  Obviously, I will be submitting this one to the Mount TBR Reading Challenge hosted by My Reader’s Block:
Mount TBR 2016

I’m also submitting it towards my Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge, hosted by Escape with Dollycas:

alphabet soup challenge 2016

You can check out my progress for that challenge here.

Until next time,



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