Fiction in 50 February Challenge: Raising the Bar…

Fiction in 50 NEW BUTTON

It’s once again time for Fiction in 50, that wily mistress of a challenge in which participants attempt to create a piece of prose or poetry in fewer than 51 words based on a prompt. Come along, join in! The prompt for this month is…

raising the bar

I took this month’s prompt somewhat literally and for American readers, my story may make little sense if they are unfamiliar with a certain famous amusing song penned by one English comedian (and Doctor Who favourite!) Bernard Cribbins.  I have included a video of the song at the end of this post, in an attempt to provide some context around an otherwise pretty bland attempt at the prompt.  I have titled my contribution…

In Training

After all this training he was still getting nowhere.

“Right”, said Fred.  He brewed a cup of tea, drank it down and strode out to the yard.

He straightened his sporran, made sure of his grip.

The caber barely wobbled.

Damn it, Fred thought.

 He would have to consult Charlie.

If you would like to play along – and we’d love you to! – just create your challenge piece and post a link to it in the comments for this post for others to visit.  For those who like to be prepared, next month’s prompt will be…

button (3)

And here’s that video I promised you: Bernard Cribbins’ “Right Said Fred” enacted in Lego…

Until next time,



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