WIN the first FOUR books in MG Fantasy Monster Odyssey Series!

Welcome to giveaway number two on Giveaway Tuesday!  This is a biggie: one winner will receive the first FOUR books in Jon Mayhew’s Monster Odyssey series.

Yep, you heard correctly: ONE winner will receive FOUR books!

So after reviewing the fourth book in this series, The Venom of the Scorpion, earlier this year, Bloomsbury burst a generosity valve and kindly sent me the first three books in the series to go with it!  For that reason, one winner is going to receive the following (all blurbs from Goodreads):

The Eye of Neptune

eye of neptune

Prince Dakkar, son of an Indian rajah, has issues with authority. Expelled from the world’s finest schools, he is sent to an unconventional educator, Count Oginski. Dakkar plans his escape immediately. But something about the Count intrigues him, including a top-secret project which he shares with Dakkar – a submarine. But others are interested in the Count’s invention and what it might achieve and, when masked men kidnap the Count, leaving Dakkar for dead, he doesn’t know who was responsible. It could have been British Intelligence, or perhaps a sinister figure known only as Cryptos. Either way, Dakkar is determined to rescue the Count. Taking the prototype submarine, he sets off for adventure.

Cue shark attack, giant sea creatures, spies and an evil megalomaniac. From his undersea refuge, Dakkar plans to take them all on . . . with a bit of help from a Girl.

The Wrath of the Lizard Lord

wrath of the lizard lord 

Prince Dakkar and his mentor Count Oginski discover a plot by arch-enemy Cryptos to kill Napoleon. Arriving on their revolutionary submersible to intercept Cryptos, they glimpse a terrifying monster that seems to escape back into the bowels of the Earth. It leads them to discover an amazing underground world, and a plan more nefarious than they could ever have believed – even from Cryptos.

The stage is set for an epic showdown complete with a giant reptilian cavalry and the Battle of Waterloo, in another breathlessly paced and endlessly inventive adventure for fans of Percy Jackson.

The Curse of the Ice Serpent

curse of the ice serpent

Having stopped two of the six evil Oginski brothers, Dakkar now faces double danger from the Oginski twins – possibly the most cunning and devious of the brothers yet.

Set in the icy wastes of Greenland, Dakkar must battle giant bears, vicious arctic sharks and a sabretooth tiger as he hunts for the fabled Thermolith, a source of great heat energy which the Oginskis also seek, in order to complete their preparations for a new world order with themselves at the helm.

An action-packed adventure with hot-air balloon combat and a dramatic race across the arctic. Perfect for fans of Percy Jackson, Indiana Jones and monsters! Readers ready to move on fromBeast Quest will love this!

The Venom of the Scorpion

venom of the scorpion  A new and dangerous mission awaits in the fantastic Monster Odyssey series, in which our hero Dakkar must defeat a clan of evil brothers intent on ruling the world, while battling terrifying monsters. Inspired by Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Dakkar is a young Captain Nemo and these books are the most thrilling of adventures.

After being framed for murder, Dakkar must escape from prison and follow the only clue he has – a scorpion-handled dagger – in order to clear his name. Knowing this must be work of an evil Oginski brother, Dakkar soon finds himself in Algiers facing the deadliest crawling monster ever! But even if Dakkar can defeat this beast, he will face the ultimate betrayal – his enemy has been closer than he thought, all along.

Will there be anyone left who Dakkar can trust?

Pretty sweet deal, hey?  From reading the first and last of the books in this series, I can guarantee that they are action-packed, super pacey and perfectly pitched at confident readers in the upper primary and lower secondary year levels.  As well as monsters and steampunk submarines, there are strong friendships and themes of loyalty and justice threaded throughout the stories.

Because this is such a BIG prize, I’m afraid to say that this one is open to Australian residents only.  Sorry internationals (but you can enter my other giveaway for YA fantasy/romance Ruined by Amy Tintera here!).

To enter, just click on the Rafflecopter link below.  The giveaway is open from the moment this post goes live (NOW!) and closes on May 24th at midnight (Brisbane Time).  Other Ts & Cs are in the Rafflecopter form.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks again to Bloomsbury Australia for sending us the whole series!

Good luck 😀


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