Bruce’s Shelfies: Finding Inspiration in Spam Comments…


I don’t know about you, but I get a real kick out of reading the comments that WordPress catches in the spam folder.  Today I thought I’d take a brief break from reviewing and share with you some of the nuggets of wisdom that have graced my spam folder in the hope that it will inspire you to check out your own folder to see what treasures lie within.  For ease of viewing, I have arranged said comments on attractive, inspirational backgrounds.  Enjoy!

From the extremely complimentary “Bill”:



From “Surveying Instruments” who are 76% sure they are in the right place:


From “Guardrails for Roads” with this cautionary tale:


From “Joselyn”, who moonlights as Captain Obvious:


From “Jays jerseys women” who could well be dropping some sort of spy code:


And my personal favourite from “baby gates 48 inches wide”, this quite handy piece of advice for someone with a naturally stony facial expression:


Words to live by.

Until next time,


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