Fiction in 50 Reminder…and one more challenge…

fiction in 50

It’s nearly time for our final Fiction in 50 challenge for 2016!

This month our prompt will be….


Something to get you thinking about all the holiday leftovers, perhaps?

To participate, all you need do is create a piece of fiction or poetry in fewer than 51 words, post it somewhere, then come back here on Monday and add your post link to the comments of my Fi50 post. For more information and for upcoming prompts, just click on the attractive button at the top of this post. New players are always welcome!


Now I know I said I was only participating in four reading challenges for 2017,  I came across PopSugar’s 2017 reading challenge the other day and it just looks too fun to pass up.  I’m not going to plan ahead with this one, just tick them off as I come across them.

And that, I promise, is the very last reading challenge I will commit to for 2017.


Until next time,


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