Fi50 March 2017 Challenge #luckycharms #flashfiction

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Welcome to the Fiction in 50 micro-writing challenge for March, with the prompt:


If you’d like to join in, just create a piece of prose or poetry in fewer than 51 words and link it up in the comments section of this post.  For more detailed information on the challenge and future prompts, just click here.

I took this one at face value this month, being too overwhelmed with having to adult all the time to delve too deeply into other layers of meaning.  I have titled my contribution…

First Date Jitters

Mike mentally reviewed his lucky totems as he knocked on his date’s door: rabbit foot,  horseshoe, wooden ladybird, ceramic pig, heads-up penny, match-winning socks and genuine four-leaf clover.

An auspicious seven in total.

She opened the door.  Mike’s smile froze when he noticed the soot black moggy in her arms.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s creative take on this prompt, so don’t forget to post your link in the comments and let other’s know about the challenge so they can join in!

For those who like to be prepared, our prompt for April will be…


Until next time,


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