Challenge Checkpoint #2: Halfway Through 2017


It’s halfway through the year already (*insert cliched statement about how time flies and where did the year go here*) and therefore it is time to review where I’m at with my various reading challenges.  Let’s have at it!

Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2017 – COMPLETE!

Hurrah! I signed on at Pike’s Peak level – or twelve books – for this challenge this year and I am happy to say that I have now scaled to those dizzying heights!  You can check out the books I read here.


since some of the books on the list are a little thin and I haven’t yet got through all the books I wanted to finish for this challenge when I signed on, I’m going to extend my goal and try for Mount Blanc level – 24 books by the end of the year.  This *should* be manageable, but I’ll have to really focus on getting those books read.

Epistolary Challenge – Progress Made!

10 Epistolary Books To Add To Your Winter Reading List

I feel like I’ve made some progress on this one in the last few months.  I’ve also acquired some epistolary novels in print copy or as review copies on Netgalley so I think this challenge is looking up. There’s no end goal or number of books to have read for this challenge, so I’m just seeing how I go at the moment.

Colour Coded Challenge – One Category to Go!


This was never going to be a challenge that I failed, but I’m well ahead of schedule here.  I’ve only got the final category to go – a book with a pattern or rainbow on the cover – to complete the challenge, but I might extend myself and try to find more to fit the “any other colour” category.

Popsugar Challenge – Charging Ahead!

I’ve managed eighteen out of the 52 categories for this one and I’ve tried to really focus on this challenge in the last three months.  There are a few categories that I could really fit most of my books into (eg: a book published in 2017) and some that I can’t imagine I’m going to get done (eg: a book that’s more than 800 pages).  The trickiest part about this challenge is remembering to refer back to the categories each time I read a book.  Perhaps I should print out the categories now I have printer ink…..

Wild Goose Chase Reading Challenge – stalled


I’ve read one book to contribute to this challenge since the last update.  That means I’ve got three categories to go.  Doable.  Again, I just have to keep the categories in mind as I’m reading.

Have you signed up for any reading challenges this year?  How are you going?

Until next time,





7 thoughts on “Challenge Checkpoint #2: Halfway Through 2017

  1. You’re doing well. Of those we have in common:
    I’m nearly at the 24 level of TBR but this year I decided to go for 36. Then again, I’m over halfway to that.
    Like you, I am seeking a rainbow themed book for the Colour-coded challenge. I also need a decent yellow, but I have two in mind, one of which is in my non-fiction challenge 🙂
    Your Wild Goose Chase is incredibly difficult. Having said that, I also have three categories to go. I’ve not identified anything that suits, though. I have found a little cheat, though – set a theme for the GMGR book of the month with something I need and see what people nominate!
    Which categories do you need?

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    • You gotta love doubling up on challenges in the same book!! Your idea for the GMGR is very clever and crafty – I like it! I find that for my “category” challenges, I completely forget what they are unless the categories are right in front of me all the time. I think I’ll have to print out the categories of each challenge and stick them above my monitor. For Wild Goose Chase I’ve still got to find a book for “wildness”, “an object to hunt for” and a “synonym for chase”. The middle one shouldn’t be too hard. I’ll just have to keep my eyes peeled!

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