Haiku Review: Bear in Underwear…


First haiku of a new year always makes one a little nervous…do I still have the knack? Are my syllable selections enticing enough? Have I chosen the right tome?…Well, at least I don’t have to worry on the last front, for today I am reviewing the quirky and niche-market work of Todd H. Doodler and his Bear in Underwear!  The niche to which I refer is of course animals and their personal preferences regarding the wearing of undergarments, and subsequent decisions about style, colour and pattern choice.  Doodler has written a whole series of picture books exploring this largely ignored, yet highly interesting area of animal behaviour.

The keystone work in this series is, of course, the classic Bear, Do You Wear Underwear?, and it is this text on which my review will be based.



bear in underwear


Ursus seeks undies

pants, knickers, smalls and all things


Other titles in the series include What Colour is Bear’s Underwear?, a rollicking romp through Bear’s knicker selection for a standard seven-day week; Bear in Pink Underwear, chronicling a pants-related disaster occuring after Bear’s tighty-whities go through with a load of coloured washing, and the soon-to-be-released Goodnight Underwear, the title of which is fairly self-explanatory, I feel.

undies colours bear in pink underwear  goodnight undies

Be sure to search out Bear and his underlings in underthings, particularly if there are mini-fleshlings in your dwelling.


Mad Martha