Spine Poetry #2: The Rime of the Deadly Pepperpot…


Afternoon all! After much pondering and concentrated appraisal of the titles on my shelf, I am once again prepared to indulge in a little spine poetry.  For those not in the know, spine poetry involves creating a poem using only the titles of books and displaying the result in photographic form…presumably in order to prove that the book titles you’ve used actually do exist.  I got this idea from someone in the blogging world, but unfortunately can’t remember who, so if you think it’s you, feel free to make yourself known and take the due credit.

Todat’s attempt has been inspired by my good blog buddy Ste J’s recent reflections on that juggernaut of entertainment, Doctor Who.  It is part respectful ode to a deadly foe, and part instructional guide for those who have trouble with being assertive. I have titled my effort:

How to Keep People From Pushing Your Buttons

spine poetry dalek

I am a Dalek;

the Great and Dangerous.

Don’t look now:

Unrest, cringe, fade to blue….

And then there were none.

And for the highly curious among you, here are the books that I used to create this masterpiece of wordsmithery:

       how to keep people from pushing buttonsi am a dalekgreat and dangerousdont look now

unrestcringefade to bluethen there were none



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