Ode to an Author/Illustrator: Leslie Patricelli…


Hello all, Mad Martha with you again! For today’s ode I have selected an author/illustrator who is close to my heart and frequently enjoyed by the youngest fleshling in the house….the wonderful Leslie Patricelle and her irrepressible Baby!  If you have not encountered these bright and batty picture books before, you are in for a treat.  They are ambrosia for the eyeballs, indulgence for the eardrums, manna for the downtrodden soul!  And so it goes…

Ms Patricelli,

I laugh from my belly;

I get so frantic

for Baby’s wild antics!

He cracks me up,

Such a cheeky pup!

But I have to say,

(Don’t take it the wrong way!),

I’m glad he’s not mine because he looks like a right handful…


Until next we meet, my friends, adieu!

Mad Martha