Fiction in 50 November Challenge!



Welcome to the November edition of Fiction in 50, where the brave and the foolish attempt to create a readable narrative in fewer than 51 words.  This month our prompt is…

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To join in, create a piece of fiction or poetry within the word limit, post it somewhere, and then pop your link in the comments of this post.  For more information and a list of past and future prompts, just click the challenge image at the top of this post.

Here’s my effort for this month.  I have titled it…

“As Blessings from God”

Another boy. Of course it was. Number seven.

She’d prayed for a girl; an ally in the fog of masculinity.

In her disappointment, she planned. Nappies and bathing were her responsibility alone. Her husband, sons, would never know.

Yes. She would do it.

This one would be her little girl.

Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!  Remember to share the challenge with anyone who might be interested and if you are sharing on Twitter, don’t forget to use the hashtag #Fi50.

For those who like to be prepared, next month’s prompt (the last for the year!) is…

venturing forth button

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Fiction in 50 August Challenge!


imageRoll up thrill-seekers, for the August edition of Fiction in 50, where risk-takers of all persuasions gather together to attempt the near impossible (or at least, really quite tricky): creating a piece of fiction or poetry in fewer than 51 words!  If you would like to join in (and we’d love to have you!), simply compose a piece of micro-narrative and add your link to the comments of this post for others to enjoy.  For more detailed instructions, and past and future prompts, just click on that attractive picture at the top of this post.

Our prompt for August is….

calculated risk button

And I have come up with a school-themed story for you this time, which I have titled…

The Stench of Failure

Class 5B knew it would be touch and go. No-Neck Norris wasn’t a teacher you messed with.

That stink bomb flew straight down No-Neck’s collar.

We didn’t know he’d built up a tolerance; a trap for young players.

We changed his nickname after that: No-Mercy Norris

A warning to others.

Risky indeed! But boys will be boys, I’ve heard, just as experienced teachers will always be one step ahead.  You’ve got to hand t to them!

Right then, now it’s your turn.  And don’t forget, if you’re sharing on Twitter, use the hashtag #Fi50.

For the uber-organised, next month’s prompt will be…

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Fiction in 50 May Challenge: What Comes After…


fiction in 50

It’s that time again! This month’s Fiction in 50 prompt is…

what comes after button

…so create those mini-narratives in 50 words or less and link them up to the linky below, or leave the link or your finished work in the comments.  If you’d like a more detailed description of the task, just click on that attractive button at the start of this post. Here’s this month’s linky:

And here’s my contribution – I’ve titled it….


They brought her out here often enough, though they knew it made no difference to her where she was. Sitting under the tree her fingers played over deep cuts in the bark.

G. K + T. M

A blink-and-you’ll-miss-it spark lit up her cloudy eyes.

And then it was gone.


Your turn! 

The prompt for June is…


upper hand button

This is the final prompt for this set of six months, so it’s your last chance to suggest a prompt for our next set of six monthly challenges.  Just pop your suggestions in the comments and I’ll do my best to squeeze them in.

Until next time,



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