Title Fight Reading Challenge 2016: Category Link-Ups

Title Fight Button 2016

This is the place to link up your entries for each category of the Title Fight Reading Challenge 2016.  When entering a link, don’t forget to include your name or blog name and the title of the book you have read for the category.  Eg: Bruce@TheBookshelfGargoyle (Pride and Prejudice)

Category 1:

1. A book with something related to fighting in the title

Category 2:

A book with someone’s title in the title:

Category 3:

A book with onomatopoeia in the title

Category 4:

A book with an object you might find in a boxing gym in the title

Category 5:

A book with an injury (or a word related to or implying an injury) in the title

Category 6:

A book with an emotion in the title

Category 7:

A book with a word or phrase implying victory in the title

Good luck!