Fi50: Communal Flash Fiction

Fiction in 50 is a regular feature in the last week of every month and I invite any interested composers of mini-narrative to join in!

fiction in 50   image Fiction in 50 NEW BUTTON

The rules for participation are simple!

1. Create a piece of fictional writing in 50 words or less.

That’s it!  But for those who wish to challenge themselves further, here’s an additional rule:

2. Post your piece of flash fiction on your blog or (for those poor blog-less souls) add it as a comment on the Gargoyle’s post for everyone to enjoy. 

And for those thrill-seekers who really like to go the extra mile (ie: perfectionists):

3. Add the nifty little picture above to your post (credit for which goes entirely to ideflex over at or create your own Fi50 meme pic….

and 4. Link back here and/or add your post to the linky list so others can jump on the mini-fic bandwagon!

Prompts for the second half of 2017 are as follows – suggestions for new or alternative prompts are always welcome! Posts can go up any time during the week (or entire month – we’re not fussy!) beginning the following dates:

The week beginning:

January 30…Moving with the Times

February 27…A Marriage of Convenience

March 27…Lucky Charms

April 24…When One Door Shuts

May 29…That Old Wive’s Tale

June 26…A Change in the Weather

You’re welcome to pick your own topics or go along with the ones above.

Previous prompts (2016)

January 24 Dredging up the Past

February 28 Raising the Bar

March 27 The Esteemed Guest

April 24 Born to….. (You fill in the blank)

May 29 Mixed Messages

June 26 The Only Certainty

July 25.Aged to Perfection

August 29 The Squeaky Wheel

September 26 Signs and Wonders

October 24 With Great…..Comes Great Responsibility (You fill in the blank)

November 28 An Offer You Can’t Refuse

December 26 A Recipe for Success

Previous prompts (2015)

January 26 A Dawning Realisation

February 23 Sincerely Yours

March 30 A Kernel of Truth

April 27 The trouble with …(You fill in the blank!)

May 25 A Contradiction in Terms

June 29 Exit, Stage Left

July 26 Public Enemy Number One

August 23 A Calculated Risk

September 27 Life of the Party

October 25 Beware the … (You fill in the blank!)

November 29 An Unexpected Arrival

December 27 Venturing Forth


January The best of intentions

February Love in the Time of …….  (you fill in the blank!)

March A tiny, beautiful thing

April Only joking

May What comes after

June The upper hand

July The path to enlightenment

August The last place you look

September A worthy adversary

October The darker side of ………. (you fill in the blank!)

November If at first you don’t succeed

December Into the great beyond


December Reflections

November Past Regrets

October Monumentally Awkward

September Unconventional Relationships

August Famous Last Words

July Night Terrors


Fiction in 50: think of it as the anti-NaNoWriMo experience!

Yours in teeny-tiny creative endeavours,


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