Monstrously Awesome: Goodies for those who type…

Be you blogger, author or internet troll, have I got a find for you! Given that it’s winter round my neck of the shelf, I thought it was high time to consider the very real problem of typing-related hand-chilliness.  While pondering ways to overcome this issue, I came across two fantastically fashionable solutions…..

Looking for ways to brighten up the unending toil that is writing (or reading) an epic fantasy novel? Look no further than these stylish dragon or monster knitted fingerless gloves by HotScones, available at

And while these next ones aren’t fingerless – perhaps more suited to readers rather than typists – the little grizzly faces are just darling!



Next up from Scoper Monstar and also available at are these absolute gems for the more flamboyant icy-fingered literacy fan.  This first offering is perfect for the out-there author of that ground-breaking book exposing bet-fixing scandals in miniature goat racing – fingerless hooves!



And for the fan of horror or the late-night reader of Where the Wild Things Are, who could go past these fantastic monster paws (available in a wide range of colours!)?:

Both of these provide snuggly warmth to your hands while allowing your fingers to get on with the business of doin’ stuff!

Click on the pictures above to be taken straight to the etsy shops of these fine craftspeople!

Until next time, may your every paw be cosy!





5 thoughts on “Monstrously Awesome: Goodies for those who type…

  1. haha! You caught me off guard talking about mittens! They’ve all been put away long ago around here. The Mom Person had to explain about you being at the bottom of the world so your life is upside down. Crazy. That finger fan sounds like a fine idea. My paws get pretty toasty walking around on a hot day! Maybe I need some mittens to keep them from burning!


    • Indeed! I see people walking their dogs in summer in the middle of the day and wonder why they don’t notice that their puppy is doing the high stepping-ow-this-hurts-you-try-walking-on-hot-pavement-barefoot gait. Dog shoes or mittens would be the perfect solution.


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